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Your Source For Quality Family Dentistry This Fall! [COLLECTION]

Today, your friends at Perfect Smiles are taking a look back at some of our blogs from the past year to revisit tips about keeping your family’s teeth and gums healthy.

It’s a great time to do this because October is busy with seasonal parties at school, fall sports activities, and of course, Halloween trick-or-treating!

While it’s all fun, this is a season that poses certain threats to your family’s dental health, whether it’s because of excess sugar from Halloween candy or from unexpected dental injuries and emergencies during athletics or from trick-or-treating mishaps.

So here are four blogs from the past year you can revisit that focus on issues affecting your family’s teeth like oral hygiene, preventive treatments, customized mouthguards, and emergency dental care.

We hope these serve as helpful reminders about our commitment to providing quality family dentistry for those you love most and some of the ways we’re here to help keep their oral health on track!

Blog #1 – Taking Proper Care Of Your Toothbrush


Blog #2 – Preventing Dental Problems With Fluoride Treatments


Blog #3 – Protecting Teeth & Gums With A Custom Athletic Mouthguard


Blog #4 – Finding Emergency Dental Care When You Need It


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