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Meet the Doctors

David J. Ahearn, DDS

Dentist & Practice Owner


Dr. David Ahearn founded Perfect Smiles in 1993 and added our second location in 2010. With well over two decades of expertise in cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry, Dr. Ahearn regularly participates in continuing education to stay on top of the latest dental techniques and technologies – and so does the rest of the Perfect Smiles team. Together the team devotes more than 60-plus hours to continuing education every 90 days.

He also takes great satisfaction in helping fearful or apprehensive patients feel relaxed and comfortable through sedation dentistry. Unlike many general dentists, Perfect Smiles offers three kinds of sedation:

  • Inhaled sedation or “laughing gas”
  • Oral sedation
  • IV sedation

Cutting-edge technology – and its ability to improve the lives and health of his patients – is a passion for Dr. Ahearn, who has become a noted expert in the world of dentistry. He regularly teaches advanced programs across the country and is often a highlighted speaker at American Dental Association (ADA) events, where he shares his knowledge and love of dentistry with other doctors.

Dr. Ahearn is also the founder of Design Ergonomics, the leader of the field in high performance dental office design. With Dr. Ahearn being a leader in dental productivity, their dental office designs represent a highly integrated synthesis of current dental knowledge and technology.

“…Passionate About Helping Patients.”

Mary Jane Miranda, DMD



Dr. Mary Jane Miranda has been a member of our family since she was a child, when her mother worked at Perfect Smiles. At an early age, she expressed an interest in dentistry. Her interest grew through the years, as she came to the office with her mom and saw Dr. Ahearn and other dentists at work. After graduating high school, she started working at our front desk and soon after became a certified dental assistant.

In 2007 she graduated from Rhode Island College and took a hiatus from the practice to attend Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. She was so committed to becoming a dentist that she commuted to Boston from Somerset, MA every day for four years! After obtaining her degree, Dr. Miranda returned to practice dentistry where she first fell in love with the profession – at Perfect Smiles!

Dr. Miranda is an advisor to the Dental Assisting Program at Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School. It is here where she helps steer the vocational program and students toward future success. Her involvement on the board keeps the dental program up-to-date with inside knowledge of industry trends and technologies, both cutting-edge and proven industry standards.

“…Found Her Calling at Perfect Smiles.”

Dan Tracy, DDS



Dr. Dan Tracy joined the Perfect Smiles team after completing his general practice residency in San Francisco, where he gained exposure to the dental field, discovering the areas of cosmetic dentistry and surgical procedures to be his favorite. He has spent many years volunteering to educate children on the overall importance of oral hygiene and has taught dental students how to perform exams and about the importance of patient education.

Dr. Tracy brings with him such enthusiasm about the dental field that it quickly puts every patient at ease. He is always looking forward to helping patients smile confidently!

“…Puts Patients at Ease With His Enthusiasm for Dentistry.”

Madhuri Patel, DDS



Dr. Madhuri Patel is a skilled, likable, and patient dentist. Patients love her because she provides excellent dental care in a gentle and relaxed manner. With a passion for family dentistry, she recently moved to Rhode Island from New York City after completing her dental school at the largest and busiest dental school in the U.S., NYU College of Dentistry. Her coworkers and our patients appreciate her commitment to her work and the well-being of her patients. She always carries a positive attitude.

During her free time, she loves watching sitcoms and murder mysteries, cooking a variety of delicious vegetarian meals, trying different cuisines, and traveling.

“…Has a Special Passion for Family Dentistry.”