Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials in Seekonk & Westport Speak for Themselves


At Perfect Smiles, our skilled dentists and staff work hard to make sure each patient receives excellent dentistry through a personal, caring touch and an approach that recognizes the strong connection between oral health and total health.

This extra effort pays off when we see patients leave our offices better than when they walked in. It is also rewarding to see the kind words our happy patients write about us.

We encourage you to read a few of our patient testimonials. Then call Perfect Smiles at the location most convenient to you:


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Cheryl A.

X-rays and cat scans showed a tiny pocket of inflammation at the root of one tooth. A root canal was ordered but as Dr. Joy began the process a crack was noted along the gum line making it impossible to save. Dr. Joy expertly extracted the root in tack despite the fact it had a hairline crack running the entire length of the root held together by a tiny bit of membrane. Her skill and ability allowed her to accomplish this in one, saving me from having to endure poking and prodding disturbing healthy gum tissue searching for broken pieces of bone. She and her team were attentive to my comfort, ensuring a pain-free, stress-free experience keeping me informed throughout the process. Because of their sincere efforts at minimizing patient pain and stress and Dr. Joy’s outstanding knowledge and professional skills, I no longer feel any pain just a few hours after my procedure. Thanks to All of You!” – Cheryl A.

Jen S.

“Amazing experience with Dr.tracy and assistant yaz. They where very kind and attentive. I have had tramatic past experiences with my previous dentist that being said, I was a bit anxious going into my appointment. At my appointment they where very gental, kind, knowledgeable and attentive to my needs and concerns, my whole experence was amazing. My dental work was amazing as well as my experence. I feel they went above and beyond my expectations.” – Jen S.

Amanda C.

“Great team of staff! Everyone is friendly and very welcoming, ensuring that you are comfortable from the moment you walk through the door until the moment you leave! Erin is a great hygienist – always smiling and so personable! She really makes an effort to get to know her patients and makes sure that you understand every step of your care! The massage chair and TV on the ceiling are nice touches, too!” – Amanda C.

Austyn J.

“I received a referral last minute from my hair dresser because I was having intense tooth pain. I’ve always been apprehensive when it’s comes to going to the dentist. From the very moment I walked in they treated me with so much care and attention, and were able to accommodate the ‘root’ of my problem the very same day! I will be spreading the word to all of my friends and will definitely be coming back!” – Austyn J.

Marisa M.

“Everyone is always very helpful and smiling. The wait time is short. They are accommodating and make you comfortable. They do not pressure you into doing anything you don’t really need, but are thorough and honest about what you do.” – Marisa M.

Carol G.

“I have severe anxiety when getting dental work done. I needed to have a tooth removed and was petrified. Ally and Dr Tracy made my experience the best experience I have ever had. I am even going to come back and have other work done. No More Fear!!! I can’t believe it!!! From the front office greeting by Cynthia to the check out. The entire experience was a pleasure” – Carol G.

Jesus R.

“Being someone who is extremely anxious about dentists and given my past experiences (all bad). I have to say this is the ONLY dentist I will recommend from here on out! From the laid back, friendly environment, to the amazing staff, it’s like a day at the spa. They are extremely knowledgeable and HELPFUL.” – Jesus R.

Ryan M.

“I’ve gone to Southcoast Smiles for about 6 years now and I’ve never had a bad experience. They always take care of my needs and are flexible with scheduling. Their staff is always courteous and attentive. Just recently I had a chipped tooth that I needed repaired and they got me in within a day and were able to fix it in under an hour. Great office and I wouldn’t go anywhere else as long as I live in the area.” – Ryan M.

Lorin G.

“I had to come in because of a broken tooth. The office quickly got me in for an appointment so that I could take care of the tooth. Dr. Patel and her team were wonderful, always concerned with my comfort and care. I am so glad we found Southcoast Smiles.” – Lorin G.

Yvette T.

“Was totally satisfied, they made sure that the emergency was taken care of right away and made sure that i wouldn’t feel a thing. During the procedure i was asked numerous of times how was i doing. Would totally recommend them. Very satisfied on the whole experience.” – Yvette T.

Jennifer P.

“My experience at Southcoast smiles was by far the best dental experience I have ever had. My comfort and experience was the number one priority while the Dental staff took care of my teeth. There was no pain with my numbing medicine feelings and after experience” – Jennifer P.

Jen S.

“Amazing experience with Dr.tracy and assistant yaz. They were very kind and attentive. I have had traumatic past experiences with my previous dentist that being said, I was a bit anxious going into my appointment. At my appointment they were very gentle, kind, knowledgeable and attentive to my needs and concerns, my whole experience was amazing. My dental work was amazing as well as my experience. I feel they went above and beyond my expectations.” – Jen S.

Lori O.

“In all my years I’ve always feared the dentist but I can honestly say I don’t mind going they make you feel so comfortable. Crystal is my hygienist and she is great I want to thank her for helping me with tips on taking care of my teeth better and how she took out the time to send me a little note to tell what a good check up I had…now what dentist do you know would go out of there way like that…so once again thank you Crystal.” – Lori O.

Rhonda C.

“Southcoast Smiles is hands down the best dental office. I’m greeted by Sarah upon check-in who’s always very personable and friendly, followed by a visit with Dr. Patel who’s extremely knowledgeable regarding all dental treatment. For financial concerns regarding costs and insurance Kendra is my go to girl. She has e-mailed me detailed treatment notes and spent countless hours on the phone for further explanations. Haven’t been to the dentist since I was two and Southcoast smiles is the reason I come now! Thank you so much!” – Rhonda C.

Jadea M.

“I love Southcoast Smiles, conveniently near work. Dr Patel and Dr Tracy are very gentle with my little ones too the point they look forward dental visits. You don’t get treated as another appointment they are very direct as too what needs to be done. The Staff are exceptional and deliver outstanding customer service. I recommend this practice to all.” – Jadea M.

Amanda C.

“Great team of staff! Everyone is friendly and very welcoming, ensuring that you are comfortable from the moment you walk through the door until the moment you leave! Erin is a great hygienist – always smiling and so personable! She really makes an effort to get to know her patients and makes sure that you understand every step of your care! The massage chair and TV on the ceiling are nice touches, too!” – Amanda C.

Stephanie T.

“Being an apprehensive patient, going to the dentist for any type of work tends to make me very stressed and raises my level of anxiety. Erin was very careful and caring during the entire appointment. She spoke to me and asked for my feedback how i was doing. She was also very quick and finished almost 20 minutes ahead of time for what my appointment was booked.I felt absolutely no pain and she was so gentle through the entire Perio cleaning The communication was fabulous and I look forward to my future Perio check ups with her!” – Stephanie T.

Jane D.

“Super happy with my visit! They are attentive and caring. They really have a great way of easing dental anxiety! They were thorough and really explain and include you in the entire process. I truly appreciate the extra steps they took to make me feel at ease.” – Jane D.

Kristen S.

“I am extremely anxious about the dentist. South coast smiles takes all my anxiety away. It feels more like a spa than a dentist office. I have recommended my entire family to visit.” – Kristen S.

Donna H.

“My hygienist is always very thorough and explains what she is going to be doing throughout my visit. She makes it a point to make sure I am comfortable before she starts cleaning/treating my teeth. Although I avoided the dentist in the past, I look forward to my visits now. All of the staff are consistent in excellent customer service and satisfaction. I highly recommend Southcoast Smiles to anyone!!” – Donna H.

Liz S.

“I had my very 1st periodontal cleaning today and I must say my hygienist Erin was absolutely gentle and made sure I was not in any pain and made me feel very relaxed, I was absolutely comfortable with what was being done. I have been here many other times and I would highly recommend it to anyone who fears going to the dentist. They really care about you and make sure you are not in any kind of pain. Thank you again Southcoast Smiles” – Liz S.

Randi T.

“I had terrible fear and anxiety about going to the dentist which caused me not to go for many years. Finally my teeth got so bad that I had no choice but to go. I found South Coast Smiles and my entire outlook changed. They made me very comfortable and relaxed. I had a very long process done that took nearly a year to complete and I did not experience any pain at this office. They are truly amazing. I cannot thank you all enough for giving me back my smile and my quality of life.” – Randi T.

Robert P.

“I had some really bad experience going to the dentist, at Southcoast smiles they made me feel like family and very relaxed, they took the time and made me feel comfortable and always asked me how I was feeling, I couldn’t ask for a better place to go, Southcoast dentists changed my life, never felt any pain at all it was a pleasure going there I always look forward to it they treat you like family and really do care about you, I would recommend them to anyone.” – Robert P.

Brian G.

“Everyone was friendly, courteous and professional. For starters, I received same-day service to sand down a sharp piece of broken tooth that was bothering my tongue. Last week I had called probably every dentist in Barrington, Warren, Bristol and East Providence and was told they weren’t taking new patients. I really appreciate today’s nominal price for your service. I think I was treated by Dr. Dhawan. She was thorough and explicit in describing problems with the tooth she treated and gave me a workable understanding of other problem areas with my teeth. The dental technician (if I have her title correct) was helpful as was the receptionist who gave me a tour of the clinic, cashed me out and provided Southcoast insurance information.” – Brian G.

Lauri B.

“Stepping into Southcoast Smiles was like stepping into an oasis. It might have been cold outside, but this practice excels at professionalism and warmth. The staff were all very welcoming. The decor, with its high ceilinged rooms awash with light, beautiful uplifting art and heated massage chairs for the clients, completes the free and relaxed atmosphere. One also immediately feels the respect shared among the dental team. All of these factors and more (excellent complimentary coffee and bottled water) make the patient feel reassured, restored and in very good hands.” – Lauri B.


I was in the area on vacation and suddenly developed an abscess. Luckily I found Perfect Smiles in Westport. They were able to accommodate an emergency visit that very day. Virtually everyone in the office was warm, friendly, and calming. Special thanks to Dr. Miranda for her professionalism and sense of humor!” Chris.


“Thank you all so much for relieving my anxieties about the work I had to have done on my teeth. I was so nervous but everyone made me feel comfortable and at ease with the procedures I had to have done. I still have more work to have done but I am no way as apprehensive as I was. Thank you all.” K.M.

Shannon B.

“Best dental practice my son and I have ever been to. From a regular cleaning, to oral surgery to orthodontics … Perfect Smiles does it all! The entire team is friendly and incredibly gentle so there is no fear or anxiety when having to go. We’ll never go anywhere else!”  – Shannon B.

Joe V.

“I received a crown and filling today and I must say that both Dr. Joy and Rebecca were fantastic. They did a great job with my procedure and answered any questions I may have had. I was comfortable and felt absolutely no pain.”  – Joe V.

Isabel C.

“I would recommend anybody to Southcoast Smiles. The staff is very professional with great bedside manners. I had the pleasure of having Brittany and Dr. Joy work on my crown. They took their time and made me feel very comfortable even with NO anesthesia. Brittany is very detailed and strives for perfection. Dr Joy takes great pride in her work. This is my dental office forever. I even drive from N. Scituate Rhode Island with at least a hundred other dental offices in between. Thank you so much for providing exceptional service. Isabel Costa” – Isabel C.

Augustin F.

“My new crown is on and I couldn’t be happier!!! My entire treatment plan has been completed. I have never had a bad experience at this office. Kind, friendly and efficient staff. Thank you guys for an absolutely outstanding experience. No other office like it.” – Augustin F.

Carol G.

“I’ve never had a crown before so I was fearful about the procedure. But Dr. Joy and Katie were very supportive and positive. They explained everything that was happening, which helped set my mind at ease. I didn’t experience any pain at all. After the crown, I had a cleaning with Erin, who I’ve had before. She’s very gentle so I don’t have any fears of coming away from the cleaning with mouth pain, as I did with another practice.” – Carol G.


I had the most awesome experience! I had three crowns placed under mild sedation. Dr. Ahearn is quick, does what he needs to do and poof – you’re done! I would recommend them to my friends and family!” – Bren


“We have seen Dr. Ahearn and his fabulous staff since he first started a practice in town. The technology gets better all the time and the procedures are faster with amazing results. I had a new crown in less than 2 hours! No impressions, no temporary … no pain! Can’t top this for a dental experience!” Penny

Claud F.

“Just started coming to this dentist. The staff, technicians, hygienist & Dentists are superb. The office is calm and clean. They treat each patient one on one taking the time to explain your particular status and options for improving your dental care for the long term. Patients are not pushed in an out like the dental “factory” practice I just left. If you are unsatisfied with your current treatment you really should give Southcoast Smiles/ Perfect Smiles. You’ll wonder why you suffered through needlessly before.” – Claud F.

Lynn G.

“I’m a new patient and I love this dentist! The office is so relaxing and the staff is so friendly. Rebekah is awesome. I love how well they explain everything and keep costs in consideration.” – Lynn G.

Macayla B.

“My experience was by far the most pleasant experience I have ever had at a dental office. The moment I walked in the receptionist greeted me with a smile and welcomed me to the practice, gave me a quick tour and made sure to explain how things ran seeing as this was my first time. My hygienist was extremely friendly and informative making me feel very comfortable and confident in the care I was receiving. The layout of the office was easy to maneuver as a first time patient and the treatment rooms themselves were clean and spacious. I absolutely love how they interacted with not only myself, but other patients and amongst themselves. I could instantly tell that the teamwork in this building was something they excel in. Overall my experience was amazing and I am beyond happy to say that this is my new dental office!” – Macayla B.

Cynthia K.

“Thank you so much for your kind, attentive and compassionate care. I was very at ease for this initial consultation. No one made me feel bad that I hadn’t been to a dentist is many years. Your office staff was friendly and welcoming. I wish I could say I look forward to my dental work (that would be a lie!!), but because of the people I met, I can honestly say I’m not terrified anymore. I would recommend (and have recommended) Southcoast Smiles to others.” – Cynthia K.

Jim B.

“It had been a long time since I had dental insurance and was able to see a dentist. I am always very nervous and slightly uncomfortable in a dentist’s office ever since I was a child. I am very glad I called to book my first appt there however! The staff is very friendly, I felt at ease immediately and felt very comfortable and confident in the staff and their service. I highly recommend (and will) these guys to anyone! It went far better than I anticipated and although there is a bit of work to be done, I feel so much better now that they will be attending to it all. I had felt a bit self-conscious about the state of my teeth/gums from being unable to see a dentist for so long, it is such a relief that everyone there is so kind, professional and helpful – it was an awesome experience and I feel very relieved :)” – Jim B.

Basirat S.

“Today was my first time at Southcoast Smiles and I had a wonderful experience; never experienced a dental visit like it. The employees were very engaging the entire time. I felt like I was going to stay a hotel; getting a tour of the facility and being talked to throughout my whole experience. I felt like the staff genuinely try to get to know the clients and they remember the little details about you, like when I first made my appointment a while back. 5 out of 5 – highly recommend!” –  Basirat S.

Cheryl G.

“Today was my first visit to Southcoast, and I am very impressed. The entire staff is so friendly, professional and courteous. Brittney did my cleaning and xrays, and she was just super. Then I met Dr. Joy, who is indeed a joy. Everything is explained in detail, including the sedation options, which is great for those of us with “dentist phobia”. I would highly recommend Southcoast to everyone.” – Cheryl G.

Edmundo D.

“I had a very nice first visit experience. I felt that I was part of the staff that works there because of the way I was treated. You can tell they are doing their best to make patients at ease, but also you can tell everyone is very happy to work there.” – Edmundo D.

A. Patient

I had a great 1st impression. Everyone was extremely nice and explained every aspect of my proposed treatment. I was given many options and not pressured in any way. I think I’ve finally found a practice that will meet my dental needs in a kind and professional way!”A. Patient

Deborah M.

“I was really surprised to see how everyone went out of their way to make me feel at ease. A definite change from most dental offices! Just want to say ‘Thank You.’” – Deborah M.

Amanda H.

“I have been dealing with horrible dental issues and a smile i hates for the better part of 8 year. Finally it got to the point where I had to do something because I got an infection and ignoring it was no longer an option. I needed crowns, root canals, a deep cleaning and an extraction. It was suggested i do sedation due to my high anxiety. Leading up to the procedure I asked a million questions all of which were acknowledged with a smile and understanding of my anxiety. The sedation was amazing in the sense I can’t remember anything which is what i needed to get through the whole experience. Dr Joy was a godsend. I’ve never been able to just text my dentist and tell her how i’m feeling. She has my husbands cell phone number and called multiple times to make sure I was okay. The extraction needed to be done at a oral surgeon who Dr joy referred me to and she even made sure I got the nice assistant who would hold my hand because she knew how scared I was. What really cemented in my mind how amazing she was is that the day of my extraction she texted me to make sure I was okay. All the staff, the assistants and Dr Joy are amazing. I never would have been able to get through this without them. Because of them I can finally smile and not be ashamed and i can officially say i am no longer afraid of the dentist. Thank you Southcoast Smiles!” – Amanda H.

Dave B.

“A huge thanks to Dr joy and her whole team They were amazing from start to finish Did sedation visit and the whole team went out of there way to keep me calm the entire time. The results are way beyond my expectations. I still can’t believe how good my teeth look. Maria and Katie were awesome. Only problem I have is that now I have to re learn how to smile Thank you Thank you “ – Dave B.

Cynthia K.

“I am dental phobic and am embarrassed to say I hadn’t seen a dentist in a very long time. The people at South coast smiles were amaZing. They never made me feel bad. I had multiple procedures done in one visit under conscious sedation and never felt a thing. I HIGHLY recommend them.” – Cynthia K.

Maria Z.

“I have extreme dental anxiety and noticed this office offered sedation, I was extremely nervous and very apprehensive. I soon as I met Dr. Joy I immediately trusted her and felt safe at this facility. She is very soft spoken and explains everything so you can understand what will take place during the sedation. I LOVED the sedation, woke up and didn’t remember a thing which is a great relief for me. I was so impressed with Dr, Joy I sent her flowers and I can tell you I have never done that before! She is the best and would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a warm and fuzzy dentist. She is very particular about her work and has a great bedside manner. Dr. Joy you have changed my outlook on what a dentist can mean to an apprehensive patient. You ROCK! I would highly recommend this facility.” – Maria Z.

Lauri B.

“I had major dental work done at Southcoast Smiles recently. Numerous crowns, a front tooth capped, bridgework done, teeth cleaned – all in one visit! Due to perfect sedation and a fabulous team of Southcoast Smiles experts – I experienced no pain and woke up one happy and grateful patient! Customer Service is exemplary at South Coast Smiles. A perfect marriage of true kindness and brilliant professionalism. Why go anywhere else?” – Lauri B.

Bobbi V.

“My kids are excited about going to the dentist thanks to their amazing staff, friendly environment and how they are treated here. The staff is always smiling, very professional, they take the time to explain what it is they are doing, and always make conversation with my boys. I would highly recommend Southcoast Smiles to anyone! I won’t go anywhere else!” – Bobbi V.

Dawn P.

“We had a great appointment on Saturday. My 5 year old did great and the staff definitely helped this. From letting him get comfortable in the chair to choosing which toothbrush he wanted, she went slow enough that he was reassured. I’m very pleased with how they help him and how they interact with him as well.” – Dawn P.

Becky S.

“They were amazing with my daughter! Due to my poor dental history due to bad genetics, my poor daughter had to be seen for similar problems…cavities. Despite the brushing twice a day, limited sugar and almost never having juice, she had still gotten a cavity. The hygienist (Katie) was amazing and very sweet. She explained everything to my daughter, breaking down each step as it happened. Katie made my daughter feel comfortable during a potential scary first filling visit. It made my mommy heart smile! I’ve been going there for 3 years and now my daughter is a patient. I HIGHLY recommend this dental office! I have been going there for 3 years and would never go anywhere else.” – Becky S.

Ana R.

“Wonderful job they do with children and families. My daughter was petrified after a bad experience at a local office and was afraid until she came here. This will impact her for life. Thank you for taking such good care of her.” – Ana R.

Lisa A.

“My son had a great appointment he said he has never smiled at the dentist before. He said it was the best place he ever went to and how nice everyone was. He is 9 so for him to be comfortable there is great. He loved watching Sports Center while getting his cleaning.” – Lisa A.

Janice D.

“My son was very nervous to go to the dentist. He was greeted warmly by the receptionist and was given a tour of the facility. He sat with the hygienist and received a thorough cleaning. He loved the personal televisions that he was able to use. As we were checking out, he was given fish food for the beautiful pond that was in the back. What a wonderful place! We will be returning, and will bring the best of the family for appointments as well.”  – Janice D.

Angelina A.

“My experience at Southcoast Smiles was awesome. I was greeted right when I walked in and was given the tour, offered a beverage! The hygienist Carissa was so great, very personable and we share a love for country music! She was careful and very gentle. Addressed all of my concerns and made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Joy was also very nice. I thought I was going to have to get drilled fillings but she said that I could get the air abrasion, which I have never been offered or even told about! What a relief! I have a huge fear of the dentist so this definitely calmed me down. She told me that most dentists do not have the technology for air abrasion and that’s why my last dentist wanted to drill. I appreciate their honesty, attentiveness and bedside manner. Absolute best dentist experience I’ve ever had!” – Angelina A.

John D.

“Dr. Patel and her staff are the best! Truly care about the patient. Are extremely professional, organized and offer competitively good prices for the exceptional services they provide. And the facility is almost a spa atmosphere. Had 5 30 year old fillings replaced and never felt the drill with any of the 5 replacement fillings. I’m recommending them to all my family and friends” – John D.

Tammy J.

“I was very skeptical about getting dentures because of my age but south coast made the process great. They were very friendly and always willing to work with me. And the best outcome ever, I’m not afraid to smile anymore” – Tammy J.

Peter R.

“I had a tooth, that had broken off ( for the second time in 2 months), reinstalled on my upper denture . The technician that fitted my repaired denture wanted to make sure that my bite was right. She had the dentist check my bite. The dentist, Dr. Patel, was wonderful. She spent better than 15 minutes adjusting the bite to make sure there was no unnecessary pressure on the area where the tooth broke off so that it wouldn’t happen again.” – Peter R.

Ashley B.

“I had my teeth whitened by Crystal today and she was amazing! Being my first experience with teeth whitening I didn’t know what to expect but Crystal let me know how it would go. I am in love with the results and it took less than 1 hour!” – Ashley B.

Tim C.

“This is my 3rd time back to South Coast Smiles and I am very happy with my recent change in dentists to this facility. This visit I received the zoom whitening and my teeth look great. I would highly recommend South Coast to everyone. Give them a try and you will probably be sold, just how I am. My old dentist wanted $500 for the zoom procedure and South Coast was much cheaper. I am going back soon for my follow up whitening trays and look forward to improving my smile.” – Tim C.

Cassie T.

“I loved southcoast smiles, they were friendly and helpful. I went in for the first time to have my teeth whitened and they did a complimentary Xray for me! They did an awesome job on my teeth and I wouldn’t go anywhere else” – Cassie T.