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Comfort and Sedation

Comfort and Sedation

If you find dental care stressful, we can help. Our compassionate team at Perfect Smiles makes relieving dental anxiety a priority.


Our practice at Perfect Smiles sort of specializes in sedation dentistry and, again, kid-glove handling of people to assuage their fears and make them more comfortable. We use oral sedation, which is something like (inaudible), before treatment, (inaudible) – laughing gas, to all the way through IV sedation, so that anything can be accomplished and the patient … some people just can not … it’s beyond their ability to put their fear aside. It’s there and it’s ingrained, so we can help them.

Our relaxed, expert dental care will:

  • Help you maintain a bright and confident smile
  • Lessen your anxiety about future dental visits
  • Provide peace of mind that you’re taking proactive steps to improve your oral health
  • Solve small dental problems before they require costly and complex procedures

If you need it, dental sedation is always available to help you relax. We offer a choice of three different kinds of sedation. Call Perfect Smiles at 833-205-4048 for a stress-free appointment.


Feel Welcome, Not Worried, in Our Care

You have access to a long list of patient-friendly amenities to make your visit to our Seekonk, MA dentist office stress-free – and even enjoyable! You’ll leave our office happy you came to see us. Enjoy a dental experience like you’ve never had before with:

  • A refreshment station where you can enjoy a complimentary beverage
  • Private consultation rooms and patient suites for discreet care
  • A Wi-Fi hotspot to keep you connected
  • In-room checkout available for your convenience
  • TVs and headphones so you can catch up on a favorite show while our dentists work
  • Fully stocked comfort stations in each patient suite so you can wash your hands and freshen up when you’re appointment is over
  • Neck pillows and warm blankets to keep you cozy
  • Heated and massaging treatment chairs to relax and soothe your body
  • Noise-canceling headphones so you can forget all about dentistry for a while
  • Protective eyewear to keep glare out of your eyes
  • Topical numbing gel so you never feel a stick when receiving local anesthesia
  • Lip balm to soothe dry lips


Ease Your Nerves With Dental Sedation

If you still feel anxious, you can also get dental sedation. Inhaled sedation (“laughing gas”) calms you and doesn’t cost extra. Conscious oral sedation and IV sedation are also available for deeper levels of relaxation. Using sedation enables our dentists to perform multiple procedures in a single visit so you don’t have to keep returning for more appointments.

If these amenities aren’t enough to help you relax, just ask our staff what we can do to help. Relieving dental anxiety is our specialty! Call us today at 833-205-4048 to make an appointment for a stress-free dental exam or other service. You’ll find our Seekonk, MA office near the Seekonk Grand Prix.