Clean and Safe Facilities

Clean Air

Here to Safely Care for Your Dental Needs

Air Sanitation

Proper Air Filtration is the first line of defense against the circulation of microbes.

Negative Air Pressure

Much like hospital isolation rooms, the air in our treatment rooms does not enter the rest of the office.

Highly Effective Air Filtration

We have placed high-rating MERV filters in all common areas to trap and filter 90% of air pathogens.

Aerosol-Reducing Tools

Electric dental tools create less aerosols and do not allow bacteria and viruses into the handpiece or tubing.

Aerosol Containment

Aerosol Containment

Vacuum-assisted shield/barrier which prevents viral transmission in order to create a safer environment for patients and dental teams alike.
It has been shown to act as a 100% barrier for aerosol transmission in recent studies. You will find it to be both comfortable and comforting as you receive care.

Our Precautions

Curbside Appointment Check-in

You can now wait in your car while your treatment suite is being prepared.

Paperless Communication

Most of our paperwork is fully digital, which assists with social distancing procedures.

Telephone and Video Appointments

Tele-dentistry can be beneficial for some appointments.

Additional Protective Barriers

Disposable covers are replaced between appointments for disinfection and sanitation.

Team Protective Equipment

Level 3 masks or KN95, shield, gloves, lab coats, hair bonnets, gowns, safety glasses and more.

Hand Washing Policies

Proper hand washing protocol has always been an important part of our hygiene regimen.

Team Temperature Checks

As part of our team check-in procedure, we are monitoring temperatures daily.

Infection & Safety Education

Our office is committed to maintaining the highest level of safety as our #1 priority.

Fogging Disinfection

Electrostatic disinfection sprayers use a specialized solution that is combined with air.

Social Distancing & No Contact

Our appointments are carefully scheduled to minimize patient overlap and to maintain 6 feet.