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Make Fluoride Treatments Part Of Your Routine Dental Care [BLOG]

Your dental cleanings and exams aren’t just for removing plaque and tartar buildup from your teeth or looking for early signs of dental problems.

They’re also about prevention.

At Perfect Smiles, we want your teeth to have all the protection they need to ward off harmful bacteria and acids that threaten your healthy smile.

That’s why we now offer a special deal on our fluoride treatments! Your fourth application is free when you use our punch card system each time you get a fluoride treatment in our Westport, MA and Seeknok, MA dental offices!

Why would we want you to make fluoride treatments part of your comprehensive dental care?

Today, you’ll find out!

What’s All The Fuss About Fluoride?

If fluoride treatments are offered at the dentist, they put fluoride in tap water, and you find it in many toothpastes, then why is there all this fuss about fluoride being bad for your teeth?

We think there are two common myths about fluoride some people out there still mistakenly believe:

*People Misread The Facts*

There’s a study or two floating around out there showing a link between fluoride and a lower IQ, but only by misreading the facts can one conclude any connection between fluoride treatments from the dentist and intelligence.

That’s because when a link was found, it was only because the amount of fluoride was incredibly high, nowhere close to the amount found in your drinking water, toothpaste, or dental treatments!

*People Think It’s Harmful*

Sodium fluoride and sodium fluoroacetate are two completely different things, yet people often confuse them. Sodium fluoride is what dentists use in the varnish to protect your teeth. Sodium fluoroacetate, on the other hand, is found in products like rat poison.

That’s why some people claim that fluoride is harmful, but we’re talking about entirely different chemical compositions!

The good fluoride found in most tap water, toothpaste, and dental treatments is totally safe and makes your teeth stronger!

Make Fluoride Treatments Part Of Your Routine Dental Care!

At Perfect Smiles, we offer fluoride treatments so your teeth stay protected against harmful acids that eat away at your enamel.

Any time you consume coffee, fruit juice, soft drinks, candy, refined carbs, or any other types of acidic or sugary foods and drinks, your tooth enamel is weakened and more vulnerable to tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease.

Fluoride not only repairs microscopic damage of your tooth enamel, but it creates a barrier between your teeth and harmful acids.

If you want stronger teeth, you should make fluoride treatments a regular part of your professional dental care!

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Ignore all the fuss about fluoride and see the difference it can make for your teeth!

You can take advantage of our new punch card system at Perfect Smiles! We’ll punch your card every time you get a fluoride treatment at your routine dental cleaning and exam, and your fourth fluoride treatment is on the house!

To learn more about the benefits of fluoride, call Perfect Smiles today in Westport, MA (833-205-4048) or Seekonk, MA (833-205-4048) or fill out our online form to schedule your next visit!