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TMJ, Teeth Grinding and Clenching

If you have mysterious jaw pain, you may need TMJ treatment.

Your TMJ, or temporomandibular joints, attach your jaw to your skull. Stress on these joints or injury can cause your jaw to ache and a host of other painful problems. Fortunately, our Seekonk, MA dentists can treat your TMJ disorder (TMD) with a custom oral appliance. 

People with jaw pain or TMJ disorders, there’s a variety of ways to go about helping them. First, one of the ways that we can go about this is identifying whether the habit is happening during the day or at night, and then once we have identified if it’s one or both, there’s certain ways to go about treating it, whether it’s through a nightguard, or through habit modification, or occasionally through medications as well.


An appliance will:

  • Relieve your jaw pain
  • Protect your teeth from grinding
  • Make it possible for you to easily open and close your mouth
  • End headaches and other related symptoms
  • Cost less than some other methods of easing TMJ pain

To find out if your TMJ could be causing your jaw pain, call Perfect Smiles at 833-205-4048 for a free consultation. 

A Custom Appliance Can End Your TMJ Pain

Though every case of TMJ pain is different, many people suffering from a TMJ disorder clench their jaws and/or grind their teeth. Using impressions of your teeth and other measurements, our dentists can create a custom oral appliance for you to wear. This prevents these damaging activities and relieves stress on your jaw.

Our dentists will likely recommend trying an appliance before considering other possible treatments, such as adjusting the bite using orthodontics or restorations like dental crowns. Compared to these treatments, an appliance is:

  • Easier
  • More conservative
  • Less expensive
  • Completely reversible

We may also recommend other noninvasive therapy depending on your specific case. 

Pay Attention to TMJ Symptoms

Chronic jaw pain is the most obvious and persistent symptom of a TMJ disorder. Many people experience other symptoms, too, like:

  • Difficulty opening and/or closing your mouth
  • Facial pain and swelling
  • Jaw making a popping or clicking sound
  • Frequent headaches
  • Unexplained earaches

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, contact us for an appointment. Because our dentists have experience in treating TMDs, they can diagnose you and determine which treatment method is most appropriate.

To learn more about TMJ treatment, call 833-205-4048. Remember, initial consultations are free.