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Cleanings and Routine Care

Cleanings and Routine Care

At Perfect Smiles, we care about your overall health, not just your oral health.

Our dentists have known for years that there’s a connection between a healthy mouth and a healthy body. Now an increasing amount of medical research is finding that inflammation and bacteria in your mouth can make you more susceptible to systemic conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular disease.


Here at Perfect Smiles, we take oral health and systemic health very serious. In a sense, where many people forget that the mouth is related to the rest of the body, when our patients do have a systemic issue, along with the periodontal issue, we try to make a connection between the two.


So what we do is we take into consideration of having our patients see us more frequently. Instead of being on a more of a six-month recall for us to do their cleaning and exams, we usually see them every three to four months so that we can maintain that oral health. Along with having good oral health, you also will have a better systemic health with that.


At our Seekonk, MA dentist office, we use oral systemic healthcare to:

  • Stop gum disease in its early stages with gum disease treatment that removes harmful bacteria from your mouth
  • Keep your teeth in top condition with dental cleanings
  • Look for decay and other potential problems during dental exams
  • Repair cavities with metal-free fillings to avoid negative reactions to amalgam
  • Replace missing teeth so you can eat healthy foods
  • Help mothers, and their babies, have a healthy pregnancy with additional information and a Pregnancy Care Package
  • Help children learn about the importance of oral health care as early as possible with these resources

Our interest in your family’s oral systemic health starts early. We give expectant mothers information and materials to help her take good care of herself and her child during pregnancy, as problems like gum disease have been linked to low birth weight babies.
To visit a dental practice that cares about your overall health, call 833-205-4048.


Fight Bacteria With Orthodontics & Dental Restorations

We want to make your mouth as inhospitable as possible to bacteria and infection. You might be surprised at some of the ways we do so. For example:

  • Orthodontic treatment eliminates gaps and other places bacteria can hide. It’s also easier to brush and floss straight teeth.
  • In addition to making it easier for you to eat healthier foods, replacing missing teeth with dental implants or fixed bridges keeps food debris from collecting in places where bacteria can feed on it.
  • Repairing a broken or cracked tooth with a dental crown keeps bacteria from getting inside your tooth, where it can cause an infection that can spread elsewhere in your body.

We’re more than just your dentists; we’re your systemic healthcare providers! To make an appointment with Seekonk dentists who focus on oral systemic healthcare, call 833-205-4048. You’ll find us at 185 Highland Ave., 02771.