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Make Your Smile Shine This Fall With Teeth Whitening! [BLOG]

There’s so much going on from now until the end of December, so having a white, healthy-looking smile you can always count on is a valuable asset. You can go anywhere at any time and feel confident about the way you look.

At Perfect Smiles, we have the teeth whitening system you need to make your smile shine!

It’s A Great Season For A White, Glowing Smile!

Here are a few reasons you should choose professional teeth whitening in Seekonk, MA instead of a DIY product from a store:

*You Want Results You Can Count On*

When you search the oral care aisle in the drugstore for a teeth whitening product, it’s tough to know which one is going to give you the best results.

We can already tell you.

None of them!

Those kits are unreliable on many levels. First, they can’t use the same concentration of bleaching gels that a dentist can provide for safety reasons.

Then, the minimal results that you might see may not be consistent. With mass-produced mouth trays and strips, along with your saliva, it can be a messy, slippery process and, consequently, lead to uneven color levels on your teeth.

*You Want Treatment That’s Easy & Convenient*

One of the most tempting features of store-bought whitening products is convenience. You know you can just walk in, pick the one you want, and leave, no appointment necessary.

While that may be true, it’s not all that convenient when you consider what you’re really getting in return… lackluster results, at best. You’re not saving all that much time or hassle when you have to keep returning to the store and keep reapplying treatments to reach the desired result.

When you visit your Seekonk dentist, on the other hand, you don’t have to worry about anything!

Whether you choose our fast in-office treatment that lightens your teeth dramatically in a single visit, or you take home one of our customized kits, you know that your treatment will work the first time and maintaining your results at home doesn’t even require another trip to the drugstore!

In fact, you can even enroll in our Endless Whitening program, where you pay $99 up front and continue to receive refills on whitening gels at your routine checkups to use with your customized mouth trays at home so your smile is always sparkling and bright!

It doesn’t get easier or more convenient than that!

*You Want Treatment That’s Safe*

Because your treatment is designed especially for you, and it’s overseen by professionals, you can trust that it’s safe to use and won’t spill out onto your gums or damage the tiny spaces between rods in your tooth enamel that can otherwise lead to increased sensitivity.

You don’t get the same peace of mind when using a DIY kit from a store. Instructions, if there are any, can be vague and confusing, not to mention you’re likely dealing with some sort of trays or strips that won’t fit completely to ensure safe application.

Call Now To Schedule Your Treatment!

If you have a lot of events and social engagements on your calendar this fall, like most of us do, you want to feel comfortable and confident.

And nothing can make you feel like that, and look beautiful at the same time, than with our professional teeth whitening treatment! It’s safe, easy, and best of all, it works!

Call Perfect Smiles in Westport, MA (508-717-3780) or Seekonk, MA (508-812-4130) or fill out our online form to schedule your treatment.