You might need extensive dental work to restore your smile, but don’t let this scare you off

We have the treatments that will improve your oral and overall health. Perfect Smiles is an elite dental practice in Seekonk, MA offering a number of oral surgery options. Our dental team of several dentists and a highly trained staff will always put your comfort first. 

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What our patient’s say

Cheryl A.

X-rays and cat scans showed a tiny pocket of inflammation at the root of one tooth. A root canal was ordered but as Dr. Joy began the process a crack was noted along the gum line making it impossible to save. Dr. Joy expertly extracted the root in tack despite the fact it had a hairline crack running the entire length of the root held together by a tiny bit of membrane. Her skill and ability allowed her to accomplish this in one, saving me from having to endure poking and prodding disturbing healthy gum tissue searching for broken pieces of bone. She and her team were attentive to my comfort, ensuring a pain-free, stress-free experience keeping me informed throughout the process. Because of their sincere efforts at minimizing patient pain and stress and Dr. Joy’s outstanding knowledge and professional skills, I no longer feel any pain just a few hours after my procedure. Thanks to All of You!” – Cheryl A.

Amanda H.

“I have been dealing with horrible dental issues and a smile i hates for the better part of 8 year. Finally it got to the point where I had to do something because I got an infection and ignoring it was no longer an option. I needed crowns, root canals, a deep cleaning and an extraction. It was suggested i do sedation due to my high anxiety. Leading up to the procedure I asked a million questions all of which were acknowledged with a smile and understanding of my anxiety. The sedation was amazing in the sense I can’t remember anything which is what i needed to get through the whole experience. Dr Joy was a godsend. I’ve never been able to just text my dentist and tell her how i’m feeling. She has my husbands cell phone number and called multiple times to make sure I was okay. The extraction needed to be done at a oral surgeon who Dr joy referred me to and she even made sure I got the nice assistant who would hold my hand because she knew how scared I was. What really cemented in my mind how amazing she was is that the day of my extraction she texted me to make sure I was okay. All the staff, the assistants and Dr Joy are amazing. I never would have been able to get through this without them. Because of them I can finally smile and not be ashamed and i can officially say i am no longer afraid of the dentist. Thank you Perfect Smiles!” – Amanda H.

Dave B.

“A huge thanks to Dr joy and her whole team They were amazing from start to finish Did sedation visit and the whole team went out of there way to keep me calm the entire time. The results are way beyond my expectations. I still can’t believe how good my teeth look. Maria and Katie were awesome. Only problem I have is that now I have to re learn how to smile Thank you Thank you” – Dave B.

At Perfect Smiles, should the need for oral surgery arise, a patient can expect to receive the care in a safe, comfortable environment. We offer things like complimentary nitrous oxide in order to help relax certain anxious patients. We also are always considering the future. If a tooth is coming out, we’re very cautious of maintaining as much bone as possible, so that the future can have a successful restoration there.


Call Perfect Smiles at 833-205-4048 now for a free consultation. Our dentists can:

  • Get you out of pain and prevent future problems
  • Preserve the bite and alignment of your teeth
  • Restore your bone and gums for dental implants
  • Create a better fit for your dentures


Tooth Extractions & Wisdom Tooth Removal Create Healthier Smiles

A tooth extraction is our last resort when a tooth cannot be saved with root canal therapy or a dental restoration. A failing tooth is often painful and affects your ability to work, eat, speak, or even sleep! Let us get you out of discomfort and plan the next phase of your treatment with tooth replacement options. We may also recommend extractions to prepare your mouth for orthodontics or preserve alignment of your teeth.

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, often develop at an angle. They can crowd your mouth and increase your risk of orthodontic issues, dental decay, and gum disease. An impacted wisdom tooth can also be painful, so it’s usually necessary to remove these teeth as a precaution. 

Adjust Gums or Bone for a Better Restoration Fit

Gums and jawbone can recede from infection or after tooth loss. This recession affects the shape of your mouth and the fit of dental restorations. Perfect Smiles can fix these problems in the following ways:

  • Ridge Augmentation – This procedure is used after an extraction to recontour your gums and jaw. It can prepare your mouth for dental implants.
  • Gum Grafts and Bone Grafts – Grafts are commonly used in our office to build up the soft or hard tissue to support implants or reverse damage from gum recession.

You don’t have to travel all around town to find your oral surgery needs.
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