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Let Us Help You Overcome Dental Anxiety For Good! [BLOG]

At Perfect Smiles, we specialize in working with patients who have dental anxiety. We understand that going to the dentist can be difficult and nerve-wracking for some patients, and we work consistently to develop new ways to provide our patients with the best, most relaxing experience possible.


We have designed a Comfort Menu with relaxing amenities that include everything from noise-canceling headphones to comfortable neck pillows. We also offer complimentary Nitrous Oxide in our Westport and Seekonk MA locations, which is a sedative used to ease anxiety and provide a comfortable experience.


We interviewed Sandra, a patient of our office who expressed feelings of anxiety when she first came to us. She now feels relaxed and confident when sitting in our dental chair.


Going to the dentist caused me extreme anxiety and fear for the majority of my life. I would arrive feeling completely overwhelmed and in tears, and was always greeted by dental staff that weren’t patient and prepared for a patient with a high level of anxiety, who always asked questions and requested frequent breaks during treatment. There were even times when I left in the middle of an appointment because I was frustrated and unsettled.


By the time I was 16, I had been a patient of five different dental offices and was still unsatisfied. I had a hard time developing a relationship with an office because my dental anxiety wasn’t prioritized and was often times not taken seriously. I was embarrassed and defensive of comments made to me about my level of stress, which often made me feel uncomfortable and overwhelmed.  I lacked the compassion and support of a dental team dedicated to understanding and working around my dental anxiety.


I knew from the moment I walked through the front door of Perfect Smiles that things were different. I was greeted by welcoming, friendly staff that went out of their way to make me feel comfortable. The hygienists and dentists normalize and acknowledge my dental fears to help give me the best experience possible, which makes all the difference to someone who feels self-conscious of their anxiety. They patiently answer questions and explain what they’re doing as they’re doing it so I know what to expect. They check in with me during the appointment to make sure I am doing okay and always provide words of encouragement.


Visiting Perfect Smiles has been life-changing and has transformed my dental experience. I no longer dread going to the dentist; I actually enjoy my visits because of the advice and recommendations my fabulous dental team provides to help me keep my mouth healthy. I’m always greeted by warm smiles and taken care of by patient and attentive people that cater to my needs and ask me to vocalize my concerns to better assist me. I’ve finally developed a strong relationship with a dental office and feel comfortable and confident when it’s my turn to sit in the chair.


We’re so grateful to Sandra for allowing us to share her remarkable story! Hearing directly from our patients about their years of struggling with fear of dental treatment is powerful and inspiring, and it can give hope to anxious patients that better oral health is within their reach, too!


Here’s another patient testimonial to inspire you to overcome your dental anxiety! He’s admittedly not one to do interviews, but he feels so strongly about his experience at Perfect Smiles that he wanted to share the ways we’ve helped him feel at ease about dental visits and what it’s done for his health and confidence. We hope it encourages you to give us a call and begin to take back control of your oral health!

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Talk to us about your concerns and fears about dental care. We’ll do everything we can to see you through your dental anxiety and get your smile healthy again!

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