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Get Your Child An Athletic Mouthguard Now! [BLOG]

If you have a child athlete in the family, it’s time to gear up for summer sports!

Our team at Perfect Smiles wants to make sure their teeth and gums are as safe as possible, so we’re reminding you to skip the sporting goods store and head to your Seekonk dentist office for a customized athletic mouthguard!

With Athletic Mouthguards, The Fit Is Everything!

Just like any other part of their uniform and athletic gear, the way your child’s mouthguard fits over their teeth and gums is everything! Knee pads that keep sliding down their legs wouldn’t protect them very well, and neither would a mass-produced, one-size-fits-all mouthguard!

Here are three important things to consider before you buy a mouthguard from your nearest sporting goods store!


Even though they’re young, it’s still important that your child is working peak performance during a game. Part of that means they’re able to stay focused.

If they were wearing a piece of athletic gear that was too big or loose, like an over-sized helmet or pants that were a bit too long, they’d be constantly distracted.

This would put them, and the other kids on the field, at a greater risk for injuries.

If you buy a mouthguard from a store, you run the risk of it slipping and sliding around in their mouth, which would definitely hinder their concentration and performance. A custom athletic mouthguard from a dentist, on the other hand, will fit snugly and comfortably, staying in place when it really matters!


You know what it’s like to try to eat when you’re in a hurry. You’re taking bigger bites, not chewing very thoroughly, and downing big gulps of food.

And what happens?

Well, not only do you risk choking, but it’s harder to breathe when your mouth is full.

The same is true with a mouthguard that’s too big or too loose. Your child may have a hard time breathing easily if they’re wearing a mass-produced mouthguard from a store that’s not sized properly.


Obviously, you want your child’s mouthguard to cover their teeth and gums properly.

But that’s only possible if it’s completely customized to fit their mouth.

You don’t get that from a store-bought product, not even with a boil-and-bite brand. The proper fit requires the kind of tools and technology like we have at Perfect Smiles to provide the most precise measurements of their upper and lower teeth and how they fit together.

That way, when your child is running and making quick movements on the field or court, their mouthguard will always remain in the right spot for the best protection.

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Gone are the days of each sport having its own season. Youth sports are now year round, so we want to make sure all our favorite little athletes’ smiles are protected!

Make sure you visit us this summer for a custom mouthguard so your child is safer against dental injuries while they’re hard at play!

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