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7 Reasons To Begin Your Child’s Orthodontic Treatment Now! [BLOG]

It’s hard to imagine that at one point, you could probably count the number of kids who wore braces on one hand. Now, it seems like most school-age children wear braces at some point during adolescence.

Things sure have changed!

But one thing that remains constant is that wide open summer break kids look so forward to when school lets out!

Our team at Perfect Smiles is inviting you to take advantage of that time off with the kids and begin their smile transformation with an orthodontic consultation in Seekonk, MA and Westport, MA.

Reasons To Start Orthodontics During Summer

Summer is the ideal time to start your child’s orthodontic treatment, and here are just seven reasons why:


  • Easy Scheduling – While your family’s summer calendar may be packed with activities like club sports, vacation, and camps, just the fact that the kids are out of school makes scheduling orthodontic treatment so much easier! It’s less of a hassle to schedule appointments around summer events than around classes all throughout the school year.


  • Flexibility – In the first several weeks of your child’s treatment, you’ll appreciate having more freedom in their summer schedule to make room for any adjustments that have to be made as they get used to this new change. As treatment continues, they’ll likely only need to come in for routine visits to tighten wires and other adjustments to move their progress along.


  • No Loss Of Instruction – Usually, it’s those first few orthodontic appointments that take the most time, from the consultation to the preparation to the final placement of their braces. That’s why it’s better to get all that out of the way during the summer so they don’t miss valuable instruction time. Throughout the school year, if you have to schedule routine appointments during the school day, at least the missed classroom time will be relatively minimal!


  • More Comfort – At first, having brackets and wires in your mouth is a little uncomfortable for kids. But being at home during the day while they get used to it for those first few weeks will give them more physical and emotional comfort. Changes are never easy at that age, but at least you’ll both have peace of mind that they don’t have to adjust with mouth soreness while sitting in class!


  • Time To Get Used To A New Routine – Wearing braces means having to change certain parts of your daily routine. From dietary restrictions to a new oral hygiene routine to work around the brackets and wires, it’d be quite a hassle and added stress to get used to those changes while juggling homework and sports during the school year. You and your child will appreciate the extra time in the summer to adapt to a new routine.


  • Bonding With Peers – A lot of parents take advantage of the extra time their kids have during the summer months to start orthodontics. That means, chances are, your child will know several other kids in their social circle who are in the same boat. It’s never easy to adjust to something new, especially at that age and if they’re the only one among their classmates wearing braces. Knowing their friends are going through the same thing will be an added comfort and even a chance to bond more with their friends over a shared experience.


  • More Confidence When School Starts – Most kids are in middle or high school when they first get braces, and that’s one of the most challenging times they face growing up. If they’ve had enough time over the summer to get used to their braces, and especially if they have friends who are wearing them, too, they can start the school year feeling more confident about the temporary change to their appearance.

Get Started Today!

Make your child’s journey to the perfect smile easier by getting started on orthodontic treatment this summer!

It’s a great time of year to make the transition to braces more comfortable for them and more convenient for you!

Call Perfect Smiles in Seekonk, MA today at 508-812-4130 or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation.